Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., New York City

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a true healer disguised as a medical doctor. She understands how to heal the whole person from the inside out. Without simply looking at test results, she looks at you, and treats you as a unique individual. Dr. Lyon thinks outside the box and is not afraid to practice in a holistic, comprehensive way. After struggling for 20 years with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I was in such a state of imbalance and ill-health that I forgot what it was like to be normal. Though run-of-the-mill doctors looked at lab results and said I was fine and it was all in my head, Dr. Lyon did not cease to discover the root cause of my disease. Through her diligence, compassion and enthusiasm for healing, she brought me to a state of being that surpasses normal; she gave me my life back.