My Recommendations

Throughout my career, I've met and worked with so many experts and companies that I rely on and recommend to my patients, friends, and family. Each of the below are experts in their field that provide top-notch services or serve as a great resource to help anyone along their health journey. I also rely on these resources!



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Subscription-based meat delivery box

ButcherBox curates a selection of the tastiest cuts of grass-fed beef from trusted farmers and delivers 7-10lbs. of meat to your front door every month. You can choose from chicken, beef, or pork, always free of antibiotics and hormones!



Meal Planning Tool

Real Plans is a system that allows you to specify your meal plan needs, and from their extensive library organized by dietary preferences and seasonality, they create your weekly meal plan & shopping lists. There is a reasonable monthly rate and it's easy to use!



Northeast Delivery Service filled with Paleo, protein-centric meals. Great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts - you can specify your fitness goals for a tailored meal program.

Vital Choice

Truly wild-caught seafood from the Pacific West coast with some of the best tasting salmon around! They also have delicious bone broths and other products. Everything is delivered sealed and frozen for easy storage.


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Nutritional Therapist & Recipe Developer

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